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100% Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Pork

We would love to provide you with healthy 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Free Range Pork year round.

Beef (Quarter, Halves, Whole)

Pork (Halves & Whole)

Available through our website or by phone, please contact Dan at 717-304-9386


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Spinach in winterRed LettuceLike my Hat?Packing beetsPicking on a cool morningShowing off a box of rainbow chardStaking the TomatoesHoophouse plantingsEsteban at marketFresh Dug sweet potatoesButch and RicardoWhen things get to dry we need to run overheadPatchwork of 3 Kales: Green, Red , & LacinatoCauliflower and Broccoli TableGrazing in awooded lotGreen KalePaper hat?Dan selling gold zucchiniClark Park Farmers MarketRuben packing BeetsFresh Collard GreensEat your colorsMore intrest is shown in the camera than grassBroccoliRuben and John transplantingDandilion GreensGetting ready for winter storageThe greenhouse in the winterMortgage Lifter Heirloom TomatoesSweet potatoes in the foregroundRuth and James tending the standFull share overveiw 2008 photos credits of Nicole WolvertonGarlic in AprilD'avignon Radishes...crunchPlants waiting to go outsideWaiting to climb aboard the wagonFarm worker talking to a groupRoman and SamFarm TourStrawberry BlossomPickers with their harvestTransplanting sweet potato slipsRhubarbRed Russian KaleBerry time is here!Sample half share week 3 Sorting Grean BeansWalla Walla Sweet Onions- Delicious grilledChiogga Beets- they have gorgeous white and pink rings inside!Winter SquashLacinato KaleMedium ShareSun Gold TomatoesSweet Charlie Red TomatoesMedium share Aug 12- two large heirloom tomatoes not picturedA cherry tomato that grew "eyes"Honey posing on the tractorprepared by Chef WaxmanChef Steve Waxman serving up a wonderful array of Landisdale foodRed Leaf, Romaine and Green Leaf LettucesStrawberriesGerman GarlicThe twin calvesEarly morning beautyLong rowsRadishesRed OnionsTurnipsSpinachBright Lights Swiss ChardWhite Hamon Sweet PotatoRomanesco CauliflowerCheddar CauliflowerPea shoots popping from the dirtFresh ChivesOnionsRomaineSunriseGrilling up our beef Keilbasa SausagesPam welcoming guestsWagon rideChecking out the greenhouseWeek 1 2010 CSA medium shareWeek 2 2010 CSA medium shareFresh Red OnionsWeek 3 2010 CSA medium shareEarly Sweet CornSweet CornUnknown Name heirloom tomatoesWeek 4 CSA medium shareSuyo Long CucumbersWeek 5 CSA medium shareKohlrabi Done for the day and headed toward the setting sunKabocha SquashPotatoesSpanish OnionRed Long of Tropea OnionsSunshine Kabocha SquashCantaloupe  and WatermelonSugar Baby beside the Cantalope. YUM!SunGold Cherry TomatoesRed Leaf LettuceWeek 11Green Leaf LettuceJapanese Sweet PotatoesRicardo at marketLittle lady bugs might find it all the way to your house on a head of lettuce! :-)Fall is here!Long Island Cheese PumpkinRed ChardPak ChoiDandelion GreensTri Color SageOrgenoJapanese Sweet PotatoesRutabegasCilantroRosemaryGalactic Lettuce Hot PeppersMedium CSA Share 2010Medium CSA Share 2010Medium CSA Share 2010Medium CSA Share 2010French Breakfast RadishesBeauregard Sweet PotatoesBlossoming ChivesHabanero PeppersHand weedingFixing the fence