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100% Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Pork

We would love to provide you with healthy 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Free Range Pork year round.

Beef (Quarter, Halves, Whole)

Pork (Halves & Whole)

Available through our website or by phone, please contact Dan at 717-304-9386


Quarter 100% Grass-Fed Beef

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Mixed Quarter 100% Grass-Fed Beef

No antibiotics. No growth hormones.

Mixed quarter is approximately 150 pounds hanging weight.

Here is what you can expect to receive from a average size quarter:

55 LB Ground Beef

3.5 LB Steak, Delmonica

1 LB Steak, Flank

2 LB Steak, Flat Iron

2 LB Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

3 LB Steak, Sirloin

3.5 LB Steak, New York

4 LB Roasts, Bottom Round

7 LB Roasts, Chuck

2 LB Roasts, Eye of Round

4 LB Roasts, Sirloin Tip

6 LB Roasts, Top Round

1 LB Petite Tender

2 LB Soup Bones

2 LB Marrow Bones

15 LB Bones (great for dogs)

All beef is packaged in individual vacuum sealed packs and clearly labeled. We allow you to tell us how large you want your steaks and roasts. We will contact you to get cutting instructions after we receive your downpayment. A quarter will fill use about 5 cubic feet of freezer space. The average kithen fridge/freezer has about 5 cubic feet of room in it's freezer compartment. There is a 30 day wait from when we receive your order til the day you pick-up.

$5.95/ LB hanging weight

Your final cost is around $895.00 This includes the cutting wrapping and freezing. Pay the downpayment of $100.00 now and when you pick-up the remaining balance is due.


Producer: Landisdale Farm
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