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Sahiwal Cow breed price, Milk benefits, Disadvantages & more

The Sahiwal cow is a Zebu breed and has its origin in the Punjab region which is closer to the Pakistan-India border. These cows were once reared by large groups of herdsmen known as ‘Junglies’. That region was dry and they were used as dairy animals by the farmers. With the arrival of a proper

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Use of Garden Covers and their Benefits

Garden covers are not just useful for shielding the garden from freezing, but they also serve as an effective, chemical-free shield against a variety of pests that damage crops. For one purpose or another, we cover everything in the garden initially. View the various varieties of fabric row coverings and their numerous advantages. Garden covers

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Use Coffee Grounds for Gardening

You have an excellent source of natural matter right at your fingers if you prepare a regular cup of coffee. Ground coffee can make the garden better in a variety of ways. Coffee cafes commonly provide coffee grounds to gardeners for free because the coffee grounds waste product that they would otherwise have to pay

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How to Grow a Greener Future:

Every step of gardening towards sustainable development has a huge impact on the world surrounding them, whether it is planting native plants, mulching, constructing a pollinator garden, or becoming entirely organic. So, if you are interested in long-term gardening but just don’t know how to begin, so you are in right place. For growing a

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How to Start Indoor Vegetable Garden in Winter:

Gardening is enjoyable, but cultivating your vegetables may seem difficult if you live in a cold climate. However, if you want to consume organic vegetables no matter wherever you live, there are several other options. If you will not have access to a backyard in which you can install a greenhouse, you can start your

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Beginners Guide to Greenhouse Gardening

Growing your fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse may be a very satisfying and pleasurable activity, but like any hobby that takes a certain level of ability and understanding. Also, when cultivating the most durable plant species, there are a variety of factors that can affect rates of growth and crop success. Although trial and

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Farm Description

Landisdale Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic farm located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Organic Vegetables We focus on healthy soils, healthy plants, and we bring you the the result- healthy veggies for you and your family. We invite you to enjoy our fresh vegetables through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, or at a local farmer’s market stand.

Grass-Fed Beef Our Devon-Angus cross bred cattle are raised and finished on grass. No growth hormones or steroids are ever used for our 100% grass-fed beef


Humified Compost is far greater value than regular compost. It is very rich in humus and microbes. A quarter inch of humified compost will do more for your soil than 3 inches of regular compost. It is extremely beneficial in farming, gardening, and landscaping applications.


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